You having some problems with our Plugin. In this article, we discuss problems, which may occur and how to solve them.

I can’t find some Postmeta Values!

“Profi Search Form” can only search Postmeta Values, which are not serialized. It is technically impossible to search serialized data. Some Themes serialize Postmeta Values in order to minimize the used space in the database. What does this mean. Well in brief:
Lets say, you enter the postmeta values for a product. These values are the price, the weight, the height and the width. So, you think, you are saving four postmetavalues, right? Not necessarily. Your theme may combine all these values to just one postmetavalue. In this case, our plugin can’t search these values.
What to do now? The most simple method would be to enable the “Custom Fields” in the “Screen Options” of your editor page. Now, you can add four additional postmeta-keys, lets say “price”, “weight”, “height” and “width”. And add the needed values also into these Postmetas.
If you know, how to program PHP, you can also write a new routine, which translates the serialized data into new Postmetas, which can be accessed then by our Plugin.


Chosen and Reset-Button

Chosen is a great Javascript library, which creates more beautiful select boxes, but right now it is not quite compatible with the Profi Search Form. We altered already a bit our Javascript to enable the search field at least to work, but what we know is, the reset button is not working yet. You have to alter the Javascript of the Profi Search Form a bit. You open the file “sf.js”, which you will find in the /res/-folder. Go to line 326 – 374, where it says:

jQuery( '.sf-button-btnreset' ).click( function( event ){



Right above get_filter_results(); you will add the following line:

jQuery( '.sf-widget' ).find( 'select').trigger('liszt:updated');

With this, Profi Search Form tells Chosen to update its forms after the reset.

I am using a Plugin to order my blogposts and the “Order-By”-Field doesn’t work.

There are some plugins out there, which enable you to order your blogposts by hand. So, for example Intuitive Custom Post Order. Unfortunatly, these plugins overwrite the order-mechanism which is used by Profi Search Form. So the “Order-By”-field has no effect, when these plugins are activated.

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