In this tutorial, we will explain, how you use Profi Search Form in combination with WPML. WPML is a powerful WordPress plugin, which enables you to create a multilingual webpage. This of course affects the way you need to configure Profi Search Form.


First step

Instead of creating one search form, you have to create a search form for each language. This enables you to change the form names according to each language. Also, if you use language dependent values for options, you need to alter them according to the language the specific search form is supposed to search.

So, lets say, you have created a search form for French and English with the IDs ‘search-form-en’ and ‘search-form-fr’, now we need to include them on our webpage:


Including the Search Form as a Shortcode

If you want to use the search form as a shortcode, you will create something like a search page. On the English page, you have to include the shortcode [ search-form id=”search-form-en”] and on the French page, you will included the shortcode [ search-form id=”search-form-fr”]


Including the Search Form as a Widget

wpml-psf-widgetIf you want to include the search form as a Widget you will see that the Widget alters a bit in your WordPress dashboard as soon as you enable WPML. Now, you are able to select the search form for each language.

You also have to make sure, to create a search page which exists in all available languages of your website. So, in our case the search results page needs to be available in English and French.

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