Poker School London – How to Start Playing Poker in London

poker school london

Poker School London – How to Start Playing Poker in London

For anyone looking to start playing poker in London or perhaps attend a poker school London, there are many options available. Of course there are the full-time poker schools and the UK clubs but what about those poker players who only play for a couple of weekends a year and don’t have the money for anything more?

One great way to start learning poker is to play at the local online casino. The best online casinos have a poker portion which you can play without any online poker course.

But how does that work though? Well, for one thing you don’t have to pay a monthly membership fee like you would at a poker school. The other advantage is that the online casinos have a friendly staff who are just as interested in you and your playing as they are in making money.

For those who don’t have a budget and are fine with playing the cheap hotel membership then that is another option. You can play for fun at a hotel on weekends as well as a local casino. Sometimes it is possible to make new friends at these tables.

If you are concerned about the area and the views then it is possible to play at Wachovia Bank, which is the largest bank in the world. As it is a regular poker room you will be able to enjoy a range of games.

Find out where to play from a poker school. There are a number of places that offer online poker games and if you find one which suits you then try to get in for free poker tournament practice. At some of these poker schools, students can come and play with the professionals.

Keep an eye out for a friendly atmosphere, fun training and a friendly staff. This should be the first step to playing online poker in London. Playing at an online casino is great fun but remember to check if you can get a free ‘house fee’ on a weekend when you play in a regular casino.